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1. an excellent thing of its kind. 

"You have a
Quite Dandy Home."


Welcome to Quite Dandy Home. Here you will find handmade glass art & mixed media works created by Artist & Craftsman, Jenni Effinger. Jenni enjoys developing her own patterns, often inspired by past design eras, & expanding her skillset with every piece she creates. 

To start your Quite Dandy Home collection, you may purchase Jenni's works in several ways: During in-person events, at local retail locations & through this website. If you are interested in having a custom piece created you may "Request a Quote" for a commission piece. 


Meet the Artist

Jenni Effinger

Hello all!

Me: My name is Jenni & I have a glass obsession.

You: *Hi, Jenni*


I have been a creator my whole life. My supplies were lovingly "borrowed" from family, as is customary when you are little & unemployed. Whether it was sheets to make quilts (probably should've asked first), scraps of wood to make furniture (that's you, piece of plywood which I called a desk), cardboard boxes to make houses (I still do this, to be honest)... The list goes on! Eventually I studied art in school and was able to properly explore many different mediums (with permission ha!). 


I have also loved vintage/antique things, especially architecture & furniture design, for as long as I can remember. In fact, my grandma had a mid-century bedroom set which I claimed as my own at a very young age (it now resides in my home). My love for old things obviously includes beautiful stained glass pieces. I have always admired church & Victorian home windows as we pass them by. Who doesn't!?


Moving forward into 2023... I finally combined my compulsion to make art & my adoration for glass work during a stained glass workshop in January. Stained glass materials are not inexpensive so, naturally, I wanted to make sure that I love the process of creating pieces before investing in the tools. I will admit, admiring glass from afar is much much cheaper! Needless to say, I fell in love with the process and now I am ObSeSsEd! I cannot be stopped ha!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little bit! 


Hey. It's me.

The Artist.

Hi, it's me!


Get in Touch

Jenni Effinger
Quite Dandy Home LLC
Artist & Owner

FB: @QuiteDandyHome
Insta: @Quite_Dandy_Home

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